Aims and objectives

To be able to meet social and legal requirements, waterways need to become cleaner, but are at risk of deteriorating. The result is that the water needs to be purified more and more, preferably at source. However, even if this is realised, maintenance of the beds of waterways will remain necessary as the supply of sediment always continues. As this process always continues and as traditional methods of removing and dumping are now out-of-date, this project aims at renewing the methods of sediment management and at making these sustainable.

The main aim of Prima is: to decrease the volume and environmental harmful effects of sediment and to increase the economically and ecologically responsible re-use of sediment.

This aim will be reached through the realisation of 5 objectives:

  1. The joint development and testing of adjusted dredging methods and processes (Activity 1).
  2. The joint development and testing of new treatment methods (Activity 2).
  3. The joint working out and testing of possibilities for reuse (Activity 3).
  4. The involvement of knowledge institutes, people living in the area, companies and organisations in the execution of actions.
  5. The assessment and comparison of the interpretation of statutory provisions on the dredging process in the 4 countries, including recommendations on consistent application in relation to EU directives.

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