Results Activity 1

  1. The results of Prisma will contribute to the enhancement and optimizing in sediment management.
  2. Description of adapted dredging and dewatering methods and techniques that were tested in The Broads and by Armines, incl. evaluation report.
  3. Reports of workshops, master class, evaluations, designs and technical elaboration of dredging and dewatering methods, economic valuation of new methods.
  4. Completion of pilots resulting in improved localised water quality, and the legacy of adapted equipment which can be reused in future works.

Results Activity 2

  1. A mobile laboratory that has been developed and tested for on-site examination of the quality of dredge spoil.
  2. Description of new treatment methods and techniques which have been tested in The Broads, at W&Z and HHSK, incl. evaluation report.
  3. A developed decision-making model tested at various locations on possibilities for treatment and reuse of dredge spoil that has just been taken out of the water, including evaluation report.
  4. Reports of workshops, peer review meetings, designs and technical elaboration of mobile laboratory, spoil treatment methods, economic valuation of new methods.

Results Activity 3

  1. Comparison of legislation on dredging and reuse in various countries and recommendations for harmonisation at European level (report).
  2. Describing and assessing new techniques for the reuse of dredge spoil in the construction of islands for new habitat creation, adapting farmland and river defences in The Broads, incl. construction of pilots and evaluation report.
  3. A newly designed dyke embankment using geotextile bags filled with dredge spoil, execution, monitoring and evaluation of such a dyke, incl. evaluation report.
  4. The construction of a section of road by means of treated dredge spoil, including testing and evaluating.
  5. Description of the possibilities  of reusing dredging spoil for site preparation, incl. report.
  6. Reports of workshops,  peer reviews, evaluations, designs and technical elaboration.

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